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Jack Hogsden is making waves on the folk circuit as an accomplished singer, guitarist, melodeon player and more.  Working with a variety of materials, he performs songs and tunes from his home county of Sussex and the surrounding areas, as well from North America, Scotland, Australia and beyond.  With such a diverse repertoire, much of his music is taken from rare and unique sources, either written or recorded, and these have been reworked to provide tasteful accompaniments and arrangements that emphasise the stories he tells. 

Jack's songs are tales of love, betrayal, work, life, death, fun, and, at times, the supernatural.  His arrangements and stylistic qualities are inspired by the legends that came before him, yet are delivered with a fresh and sympathetic approach. Combining his rhythmically free vocal style, inspired by the source singers he works from, with his driving and percussive guitar arrangements, leaves many wanting more, and this masterful performance technique has granted him gigs at some of the UK's top folk festivals and folk clubs.

Alongside his wide vocal range and driving guitar, Jack is widely known for his work on diatonic button accordions and melodeons.  Utilising styles from various aspects of English traditional dance, he pairs these with tunes from around the world to give dominating arrangements with harmonies found across all genres, including classical and jazz.  It is his use of rhythm, inspired by genres such as reggae, that have made him a highly sought after accompanist and ceilidh musician.  Jack can also be seen using mandolins, concertinas, dulcimers, and electronics in all aspects of traditional music.

Jack Hogsden grew up just outside the historical town of Lewes, East Sussex, an area known for its heritage in traditional song with its folk clubs, festival, and vast number of traditional singers and musicians throughout time.  This background, paired with all he has gained from studying a BA Hons in Folk & Traditional Music at Newcastle University, has led him down numerous paths on the circuit.  During lockdown, he founded the record label Millpost Records to help support emerging artists in the field, and offers recording, mixing, mastering, production and more.  Jack has also been working as a melodeon tutor online, and is now providing workshops in dance accompaniment at various events throughout the year.  On top of this, Jack has helped the charity Don't Stop the Music to raise thousands of pounds during the pandemic, in order to support musicians, roadies, techies and lampies who have been struggling financially. 

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