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Jack Hogsden currently performs with:

Random Ceilidh Band - Guitar + Diatonic Button Accordions

Jack & Leon Hogsden - Vocals, Guitar, Diatonic Button Accordions & Mandolin

Jack Hogsden & Jon Doran - Vocals, Guitar & Diatonic Button Accordions

The Hogsden Family - Vocals, Guitar & Diatonic Button Accordions

Jack Hogsden & Penny Kempson - Diatonic Button Accordions

Jack Hogsden also plays for:

Ditchling Morris - Diatonic Button Accordions

Customs & Exiles Northwest - Diatonic Button Accordions

   "He is a very personable and enthusiastic person.  I have always been very certain that he will make waves on the folk music scene in years to come."

- Jackie Oates - 2019

Jack Hogsden is a folk musician from East Sussex, and is known for his development and interpretation of the songs sung by the working people of Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the surrounding counties.  His technically percussive style of fingerpicked guitar, paired with his wide vocal range has inspired musicians across the country to go back to the sources of the ballads, ditties and songs that make up such a large part of Englands' heritage.  Love, seduction, betrayal, loyalty and working life are just a few of the themes behind the engaging representations that he performs at folk clubs and festivals around the country. As well as the songs, he has taken many of the tunes used for Cotswold Morris dancing, North-West Morris and the session/ceilidh tunes and adds his unique, stylistic approach on melodeons to show how the music and dancing of England is still thriving, and at the forefront of British folk.  Jack Hogsden is also exploring a large amount of dance tunes from around the world, that are simply asking to be played with that unique, bouncy style that sets his playing apart from many others in the folk and traditional music world.

Jack is currently at Newcastle University studying Folk & Traditional Music, where he can often be found in sessions and folk clubs.  Surrounded by the North-East folk scene, this has already set him into research projects, festival management, record label ownership, studio management, and more.

Jack Hogsden uses the following for live performance:

Fylde Custom University Falstaff Guitar - 2014 - you can read about it 

Fylde Octavious Mandolin - 1990s

Dino Baffetti Oakwood Model II Diatonic Button Accordion 40th Anniversary - 2017

Hohner Erica Diatonic Button Accordion - 1984

Hohner Club II Diatonic Button Accordion - 1960s - restored by Peter Rogan

Tonella 3-Stop C Melodeon - 1890s