What a Fun Concert!

Hello all!

I wanted to start off by saying a massive thank you to all that got tickets for my streamed concert hosted here on the website last night. It was great fun, and I want to thank you again for supporting me and my music. It's certainly tiring, draining, time consuming, and stressful setting up for a stream in the way I do - this may be due to the equipment, sound checks, internet stability and more - but I have to say I always enjoy playing for you all.

Tonight is another Kitchen Session over on Facebook with my dad, where we will once again be raising money for Don't Stop the Music. With your support, we have raised thousands of pounds to help support artists, techies, roadies, lamps, and many others in the industry that have lost work due to the pandemic. Every penny donated gets directed to artists, and the difference we've made is overwhelming. Thank you for those donations, the merchandise purchases, the shares, likes, comments, and for simply watching.

Things with uni are starting to pick up again; I've found that studying from home leaves me with many distractions and (somewhat) a lack of motivation, especially now that I am doing more work with the record label. With another new artist in the signing process, there are many meetings, contracts, and milestones that need to be achieved in order for anything to move forwards. However, with the final term starting back up again next week, I hope this will get me back into the routine to keep on top of the workload!

I have a few more melodeon lesson slots available - I don't want to have too many at the moment, especially with university, however if you are playing DG or CF, please do not hesitate to use the form here to get in touch. As always, I am working at the lowest rates on the circuit, and each lesson is tailored to the individual; no matter the ability, box, or background knowledge, I'm here to help you out!

I'm looking forward to using this blog/news thing a bit more in the future - it's nice to have a place to brain dump and note down my thoughts. I promise to make it a bit prettier next time, and if you found this through the mailing list, then FINALLY I managed to make it work!

I'll post again soon,