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Upcoming Performances

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Technical Specifications

Below is the technical specification for live performances by Jack Hogsden. This list varies by performance, however here is what Jack uses and incorporates in his live shows.

Fylde Custom University Falstaff guitar. #8644. Sitka Spruce top, African Sapele back & sides. 2018. Fitted with K&K Trinity Pickup System with External Preamp by Richard Osborne. This guitar was built as part of an experiment; you can read about it here.

Fylde Octavious Mandolin. #3997. Cedar top, Mahogany back & sides. 1990's. This mandolin has been on "permanent loan" from Phil Batty. Fitted with under saddle pickup.

Castagnari Studio DG melodeon. 2019.

Dino Baffetti Super Model II DG melodeon. 40th Anni (Anniversary) Edition in collaboration with Oakwood. 2017.

Hohner Erica DG melodeon. Made in Germany. 1998.

Hohner Club IIB CF melodeon. Made in Germany. Restored and de-clubbed by Peter Rogan. 1970's.

All melodeons are mic'd up with Audio Technica AT-831B Lavalier Microphone on bass, and Shure PGA98H on treble. All guitars run through a pedalboard including K&K Trinity System external preamps, Boss TU-3 Tuners, and sometimes some fun effects pedals.

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