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Jack Hogsden has been working as a melodeon tutor for several years, working in person as a one-to-one tutor, group tutor and workshop leader, as well as working online with students from around the world. Working with all abilities (although only on DG and CF boxes), Jack has supported many musicians in the learning of diatonic boxes. The main focus of these sessions is to work with the student, and develop them in whatever areas they are interested in; tune development, repertoire, keys, stylistic qualities and aesthetics. Jack also specialises in the manipulation of tunes for varying styles of dance, particularly cotswold, north-west and ceilidh.

Jack also runs workshops at folk clubs and festivals, specialising in the manipulation of dance tunes FOR the dancers - a complex balance of articulation, emphases, rhythmic shift and chordal harmony, are integrated to ensure that you can dominate your performance space with clarity and rhythm. These workshops are suitable for players with an interest in playing for North-West, Cotswold, Border, Molly and more.

To enquire about lessons or workshops, please contact Jack by using the Artist Enquiries email address below, or clicking here.

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