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Melodeon Lessons

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At the start of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Jack began teaching online melodeon lessons over Zoom, and quickly gained students from around the world. Working with students in Australia, USA, Belgium, Italy, and the UK, Jack's teaching methods are for all ages and abilities, and focuses not only on material, but stylistic variation, keys, reharmonisation, melodic chordal structures, and the uses of the musics taught. Due to Jack's experiences and numerous styles of playing, the English, French-Canadian, and Scandinavian styles can be taught, and the ways in which tunes can be manipulated is a focus, and allows the student to learn improvisation, variation, and ultimately how to craft a unique style and sound. Every student is treated independently, and due to this Jack is able to hone in on individual requirements and interests. 

PLEASE NOTE: Jack is currently teaching D/G and C/F systems only. If you use other systems, please do get in touch as Jack can refer you to wonderful tutors from around the world.

Pricing is currently set at £30 per hour, and is predominantly on Zoom, however Jack is also available to teach 1-2-1 lessons in and around the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, and is also working on running workshops for groups at festivals and folk clubs.

Sound good to you? Click the link below to get set up and book in your first lesson!

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